Revenue Management for Hotel, GuestHouse, Holiday Apartments and Restaurants

As a Business Philosophy, Revenue Management can be applied to all the business fields dealing with perishable products, even if one of its perfect scopes is the hotel industry. A qualified Revenue Manager can be a fundamental consultant who can make different kinds of tourist companies work: hotels, guesthouses, holiday apartments and restaurants.


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    Hotels are big and multiform companies, they offer to their custom many types of rooms and services. This comlpexity is the perfect pitch for a Revenue Manager, who will maximize earnings and improve the business potential through a scientific valorization of every hotel sector. Furthermore, with an attentive analysis of the hotel internal dynamics between employees, a Revenue Manager can achieve a considerable improvement of every single company sector, from Administration to Cleaning, from Marketing to Restaurants.



    The entrepreneur who owns one or more GuestHouses works in a very strong competitive market and he runs what is normally a small company with high costs compared to the available units for sale. That means he needs a business plan tailor-made on her/his needs and particularities. In this context, a right Revenue Management strategy can represent the ideal lever to maximize incomings through two paths: iper-dynamic pricing and strict cost controlling.


    Holiday Apartment

    Holiday Apartment is a business ospitality solution whose economic basis is far from the classical hotel industry logics. Independent units, often far one from the other, with heterogeneous characteristics. Rationalizing and systematizing their managing is fundamental if the objective is revenue maximization. Trust in a good Revenue Manager means having a turnkey service, that can take care of every aspect of this particular business, from Welcoming to Cleaning.



    Running a Restaurants business means facing an every day more competitive market. It is fundamental to understand the clientele the entrepreneur is addressing to, in order to be successful. A right Revenue Management strategy is the only condition to meet the target. The valorization process core is the menĂ¹, which have to be differentiated, even in pricing, according to the day, the time, supplying and guests expectations.


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