If you landed on this web page, you are looking for something dealing with Revenue Management and its related themes. Maybe you need a consulting or a training course. Maybe you simply want to learn more about Revenue Management. Anyway, since everything you are going to read in this website it is my personal view of Revenue Management, I think it should be fair to introduce myself.

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Nobody is born a consultant

I was born in Rome in 1979 and I very soon felt a strong passion for life itself, for the dreaming dimension of travelling, for the beauty of any kind of diversity. This early called curiosity, then became love for studying, arts and culture.


The interest in hotel industry started in London, where I have lived for two years after my high school degree. I felt in love with the magic world of ospitality, its coloured vortex of different ethnicities and languages, its involving and extravagant stories.


I have lived in the “never sleeping city” until the year 2000 and I worked as receptionist at the Queens Park Hostel. Then I came back home and started my University course in Philosophy. Why this choice? Because I thought I would have met The Truth, but I actually found The Doubt, which appears to be eternal.

From Philosophy to Revenue Management

I graduated with top marks in the year 2005 and an experimental thesis on the thought of P.J. Hountondji. His materialistical view pushed me to study Economics, a subject that since there I never left and whose foundations helped me to deeply study Revenue Management, now my job.


From 2001 to 2007 I worked at Notti a Roma Hotel. It was a wonderful professional experience. I started as receptionist, then I had the fortune to improve my career until the position of manager in charge of marketing, pricing and revenue optimization. In short, I was a Revenue Manager but nobody called me that, since more than ten years ago, in Rome, that professional position did not exist at all or just in big hotel chains.


Since this working experience made me stronger, in 2007 I decided to become an entrepreneur and I started my personal company, called Suite Rome, nowadays still operating in the hotel industry field.

Crazy and desperate study.

My passion for Revenue Management bloomed in 2012, when I began to study in detail its specific topics. I went to the roots, as I love, and I approached with great tenacity (and enormous effort) its “classical studies”, born in the US in the ‘70s.


Plato, Aristotle, Hegel, Kant, Husserl Nietzsche, with due respect and caution, have been joined by Cross, Bodea, Ferguson, Frye, Vouk, Makridakis. And even today I still sit at my desk to study, understand, question myself, risk and experiment.


In 2018 I got a master in Real Estate Business Mediation in order to focus on some technical subjects and improve my personal skills of Revenue Manager.
Here I am, a man always seeking personal improvement, a man aware of his limits and made strong by his acquired knowledge.

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world”

Wittgenstein – Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (5.6)

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